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Whether you are an environmental enthusiast, or a curious wanderer, thank you for your interest in what we do and why we do it.


This year, the urgency to save our planet has ignited worldwide, impacting the fashion/textile industry, too — sustainability is the year's hottest topic. While companies like ours have always woven environmental impact into our designs, using renewable fibers and processes with a smaller footprint, today the sustainability bar is rising every minute.


We know we're far from perfect, but planet and human health is our passion and priority. We achieve and celebrate, then make mistakes. We fall and get up, then work even harder to do better. And we'll continue improving our eco-friendly practices, while offering garments that speak to ultimate comfort and your own sense of style.

Organic Cotton

Cotton is the most widely used natural fiber in the world.  We love cotton tees, undergarments, sheets, towels, you name it. It absorbs moisture like no other, and is soft and breathable, making it perfect for hot weather. 100% organic cotton gives you added benefits: the plant is not genetically altered, no pesticides or chemicals are used at any point in the process, from planting through harvest, from fiber production through fabric knitting or weaving. None. This means the natural strength of cotton fibers is not weakened and its absorbency and softness are retained.  Your towels will be more absorbent, and your classic t-shirt will be softer and keep you cooler when they are made from organic cotton.

Organic Pima Cotton

Now bump 100% organic cotton up a notch. Pima cotton is created from a type of cotton that has longer fibers-- over 50% longer. Fewer fibers are in the threads, which makes them stronger, and more durable. While all organic cotton offers relief for skin sensitivities, Pima cotton is softer and more absorbent, offering even more comfort in hot weather. Indulge yourself in our Pima tees and polo shirts without one a twinge of guilt. How can you lose?

Natural Silk

Emperors and kings have worn silk for thousands of years, so why shouldn't you? It is truly a natural and renewable fiber, requiring no chemicals or toxins in production. Furthermore it remains the most hypoallergenic natural fiber in the world, is highly absorbent and exquisitely smooth. The fine threads are also the strongest natural fiber used in the fashion industy, yet nothing beats the smooth, coolness against your skin.  A robe or set of elegant, pure silk pajamas give you luxurious comfort for many years to come, making the initial investment well worth it.

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