For a Healthy Planet and a Healthy You

Who says ease, style, and sustainability don't mix?  Timeless, durable style and silky comfort are yours in our fashions--all made from renewable, eco-friendly fibers. We use the softest hypoallergenic fabrics and non-toxic dyes to create relaxed, timeless garments with a luxurious feel. You'll be sinfully comfortable, but without any guilt!

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We Design to Last

While the sustainability of our fibers and manufacturing practices highlight our passion for helping the environment, style and quality matter just as much. Unique, yet classic elegance and top-notch construction are core design principles to us. Every item is designed to enhance your wardrobe for years to come--in bed, at home, or even running errands.

Here to Serve You

We 're in this together for every single shopping experience you have with us.

Our Story

TexereSilk and Texere are Connecticut-based sustainable fashion brands by New England Mercantile Group, LLC. We are all about a healthy planet, creating more footprint-free fashion, to bring you eco-friendly, classic styles that suit your individual journey to an ever- healthier you!