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Ultimate Scarf Tying Guide - FREE


ISBN 978-0-615-46723-8 (English Edition)
The graphic design of the book is highly artistic and colorful. We recommend that it be printed using a color laser printer, though the book will print fine on a black & white printer also
This book is in electronic downloadable PDF format. Adobe Reader (or other PDF reader) is needed to view or print it.
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Copyright 2007 & 2011 by New England Mercantile Group, LLC. All rights reserved. Purchase allows the buyer to download and print the e-book for personal use ONLY. This book is protected by copyright laws in the United States

Our Scarf Tying Guide is the world's most popular illustrated guide to various techniques for beautiful scarf tying styles. This guide is now available in a downloadable, printable, PDF format electronic book. Over 40 different scarf tying styles are covered. Each style is explained on a separate page with full-color illustrations and step by step instructions.

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