Small Holiday Gifts with Big Impact

It can be hard to find great gifts that either fit in an adult stocking, or that are truly affordable yet still offer a touch of luxury. Sometimes a pair of funny socks or another pair of hoop earrings just don't fit the bill, and you want something that is a step up, or a step out of the box!

Spoil Them with Silk
What is more luxurious than pure, high quality silk? Our silk scarves are small, high quality and fit current style trends. We have a full array of sizes and colors for $21.99. 

Why not get a pair of silk boxers for your fiancé or your husband for under $40? They offer a luxurious feel, and let him know the romance is still there!

A Touch of Spa Luxury
Try catching your mom, sister or girlfriend a bit off guard with a "throw in" gift of a bamboo terry Hair Towel. Ours come in a dozen colors, with instructions for tying and an elastic loop to keep it in place. At under $15, how can you go wrong? You can complete the luxury feel by getting her a complete Waterfall Bamboo Spa Set for less than $35! Here's a hint. Wrap the body wrap and put the head towel in her stocking!

Fashion Layering for Men and Women
If you are truly trying for affordable, usable gifts that are in style, try giving a tank top in a fashionable heather tint, or a solid black tee to a man, or go for bamboo boxers, or stylish sweat pants or even pj bottoms. Base layer tops for current sleep-to-street fashion trends will always be welcome, and you can find them for less than $20! Bamboo boxers, pajama bottoms, tanks and tees can be worn around the house or layered with other items to run out for coffee or casual fun. And, they are affordable, ranging from

The point is this: jewelry is beautiful, silly socks are fun, and, if you are part of my circle, wind-up toys will always be a hit. Still, sometimes we all want to surprise the people we love. Sometimes we also want to give that unexpected gift that says, "I treasure you."