Bamboo: From Plant to Clothing and Beyond

Bamboo: Today's Softest Sleepwear Choice from a Tree?

Bamboo viscose is the new best choice for soft, sustainable underwear and sleepwear. TexereSilk Women's PJs ranked #1 in Best Bamboo Guide 2018.

Finding the best products for yourself and the environment is never easy. Thankfully, we have a wonderful thing called the internet, where smart, articulate content curators can keep us informed on the latest developments in sustainability and eco-fashion. Instead of scrolling through endless links, check out Natalie Wilson of Best Bamboo Guide. A self-proclaimed lover of products that are eco-friendly and finding creative ways to reduce water consumption, Natalie has devoted countless hours procuring comprehensive guides for everything bamboo, ranging from bicycle accessories to pillows, and everything between.

In her most recent guide, “Bamboo Pajamas – Sleep in Bliss!” , Natalie points out that since you spend nearly a third of your life in bed, you should choose pajamas that you’ll be happy and comfortable in—now that’s something that’s a vibe you can’t deny. To our delight, she has chosen our “Replenish” Women’s Long Sleeve PJ Set as her #1 choice. This pajama set is offered in 14 different sizes and 9 different colors—and with that number of choices, you’ll be sure to find your perfect match.

Taking note of TexereSilk’s initiative to produce ethically sourced goods and promote art forms that are currently rare or endangered, Natalie provides a greater understanding of our company, an understanding that extends beyond our clothing, to our unwavering dedication to the environment and cultures around the world.

Still, when people think about pajamas, they tend to think of traditional styles—cotton, flannel, rayon, linen—and miss one of the most recently developed materials; bamboo. Now, you’re probably asking yourself, “How did we get from tree to fiber?” Well, that’s where history and science come in.

At first glance, bamboo is not something that looks like it could be turned into clothing, or anything else for that matter! Yet due to its strong internal fibrous structure, and the fact that it grows 4 feet per year, it turns out the options are limitless. In fact, archeologists unearthed that bamboo’s common use for construction in Southeast Asia stretches back centuries and continues today. We have built on that and bamboo continues to be used for building in many ways, including:

  • Craft tools
  • Home building materials
  • Scaffolding
  • Suspension bridge support
  • Flooring
Today, thanks to improvements to technology, and an increased effort within the fashion industry to produce more eco-friendly goods, scientists have developed a system that extracts bamboo fibers from the plant and makes them suitable for eco-conscious clothing manufacturing. Modern technology has successfully altered one of the sturdiest construction materials into soft, comfortable clothing—now that’s what we call using science for good. 


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You don’t have to take our word for it when you can listen to the experts. In her article, Natalie asserts, and we agree, that wearing bamboo pajamas will make it easier to fall asleep. Additionally, natural temperature regulation and enhanced moisture wicking will help you stay asleep.

Sure, pajamas are arguably the most well-known form of bamboo clothing, but bamboo underwear is quickly rising in popularity and comfort. Just like everything else bamboo related, the Best Bamboo Guide tells you why. Once again, Natalie has compiled a list of both men’s and women’s options for bamboo underwear, and ranked our Sancus Men’s Bamboo Boxers at #4. All the brands mentioned share our concern for quality, comfort and sustainability. We urge consumers to be sure that any bamboo products you choose are made from all-natural fibers, without synthetics. After years of testing and finding the right formula, we decided that 70% bamboo viscose and 30% cotton creates products that offer extraordinary softness and hypoallergenic qualities and maintain their shape and quality over time while still being made from only natural materials.

From boxers to pajamas and nightgowns, we at TexereSilk are devoted to creating more eco-conscious products and will continue to explore the most up-to-date fashion practices available to offer you style, comfort and sustainability.

Finally, on a closing note, we would like to thank Natalie Wilson and the Best Bamboo Guide for putting in countless hours, sifting through product after product and producing guides that can help anyone make a positive impact on the environment through their fashion choices.

Author’s note: TexereSilk has no reciprocal monetary arrangement with the Best Bamboo Guide blog or Natalie Wilson. I recently came across the site and loved everything Natalie had to offer, just as I’m sure the readers of my blog will.