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Gift Self-Care for Valentine’s Day: Wrap Them in Love

A hoodie or roses, a lovely dinner, jewelry. We're not knocking that for Valentine's Day, but why not take your love to a different level? From millennials to Boomers, life today feels like 24/7 accessibility, and never-ending responsibilities. From college debt, to seeing after grandchildren whose folks cannot get the day off, it seems as if we are working on jobs or for our families all day long, every day. Why not use Valentine's Day as a way to say, "Honey, stop. Take a break. Take care of just YOU for a change! You deserve it an I want to give that to you." And wrap your gift in something special, beyond the gift card envelope or printout from your computer. Gift for Him: Shave, Facial, Massage Self-care for men is a growing industry, and it should be. Whether he's a stay-at-home dad, working at the office or on business trips all, or a guy working a couple of jobs to try to pay for school or to pay off school debt--he deserves some time to step away from it all, doesn't he? Why not give him a plush robe and a card says "No matter where you are, you're wrapped in my love" and a gift card/certificate for one or more of these: • Facial/professional shave and face care • Massage/Reiki/Reflexology--BODY WORK • Spa Day for Men • Couples Wellness Retreat • Some other Self-Care service you know he'd enjoy • Gym/Athletic Retreat If this involves something more active than spa services, wrap it in a comfy hoodie or athleisure wear! The message is the same--here's a weekend just for you, but here is the comfy clothing to let you know I love you, no matter WHERE you are, or whether or not I am with you. Gift for Her It is more common to think of the spa weekend, or special care for women, but make sure the message of love goes along with it. SHE could use the message of being wrapped in your love, no matter where YOU are, too! From our plush terry robes to a luxurious terry head and body wrap, give her something that says "Your comfort and downtime matter to me, no matter what." Here's another idea. Pamper her in a special way by putting your special card and gift card in a silk pillowcase. Help her bring the spa home, or on a business trip with a pillowcase that is heavenly smooth and helps her skin AND hair. Then include a gift card of: • Facial • Pedicure and Manicure • Body Work--Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, etc. • Hair Salon or a Spa Day for her • Wellness Weekend retreat for you both • Some beloved activity retreat for you both--athletic, relaxing, or both No matter what your budget, you can combine a tangible item that brings the romance home, but also gives your beloved a break from the world for an hour, a day, or a weekend. What could say "I love you more?"
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