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GBK Pre-Emmy Gifting Suite: Outsiders with an Inside View

Beverly Hills, baby. When we arrived to set up at Viceroy L’Ermitage in Beverly Hills, this TexereSilk team were a little overwhelmed, we admit.  Just look at this sunset view from our rooftop venue! Here we were, from a small company in Rocky Hill, CT, overlooking the Hollywood Hills, preparing to give our hand painted robes and silk pajamas to international stars, musicians, and who knows who else! There was no time, however, to let the glamor really sink in.   We had work to do, and were set to dive in. Some of the best parts in the set-up were the GBK Productions folks themselves-- including Gavin Keilly, world-famous GBK founder and CEO.  They gave us insider tips, were welcoming and made sure we had all we needed. Our neighbors to our left were promoting both a spiritual retreat and a documentary film about human trafficking called Stopping Traffic. Our neighbors to the right were the Chateau Boswell Winery.  They could not have been nicer or a better fit with our company. At TexereSilk we have a mission to promote human rights in our business practices and we’re absolutely committed to developing our sleep to streetwear fashions from fabrics with a minimal environmental impact. Social consciousness and luxurious relaxation--there we stood between two pivotal facets of our brand!   By the day's end we knew we were ready for the work and finally had the time to feel excited about where we were and what might greet us the next day!   What did greet us? Exactly what we'd been told--dozens of stars from tv, movies, the music industry, you name it! It was an amazing opportunity, and, let's face it, an adrenaline rush.  What we did not expect, though, was how supportive and friendly the celebrities were, and how receptive to our silk pjs and hand-painted products!   Hey, when Miss J Alexander, from Project Runway is strutting your products all around the tent, you know you're on your way!   Miss J put us at ease and could not have been more friendly, or fun. Seriously, how could we not have a wonderful experience!   Now you can be a part of the Emmy Luxury Lounge experience. Just take a look at the stars enjoying our women's Rose Bouquet Robe!

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  TexereSilk is offering the same robe for just $79.99 so that you can enjoy the same Sleep to Street fashion look as the Emmy nominees!   Check back soon for Part II, our Insiders View. Meet some more wonderfully friendly actors, and read how one of our products affected one woman more than we could possibly have known.   After that? Oscars, here we come!
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