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The Emmy’s Are Just Around the Corner…

The history of the Awards themselves! Unlike the Tony, Grammy, Country Music or Oscar Awards, there are about 20 different Emmy Award presentations. We tend to hear about the Daytime Awards and the Prime Time Awards shows, but there are regional awards, college t.v. awards, child program awards, you name it. Why?

The Academy of the Arts & Sciences was formed in L.A. in 1949 in the very early days of television. When the New York National Academy of the Arts & Sciences was formed in 1955, the stage was set for drama worthy of any soap opera. Regional organizations were formed, cementing the existence of the myriad regional awards, while New York and L.A. fought for dominance in television. Why?

Understand that between 1945 and 1950, the number of television sets owned in this country skyrocketed from about 10,000 to around 6 million! Just one decade later, over 60 million sets were owned, and by 2000, over 220 million! When networks evolved, including PBS and then, in the 1980's, Fox, the fight to take over the ratings was ridiculous. Network ratings, bicoastal rivalry, and money. Yes, soap opera worthy.

You can imagine networks wanted the money from the commercials alone, let alone the ratings, and the bicoastal cities wanted the money and action from broadcasting the live shows! Finally, in the 1980s, the networks began the round robin system of broadcasting we know today, with each network taking turns. The remnants of the Emmy's overly dramatic history remain in the number of awards regionally, nationally, and internationally still handed out today.

The only drama TexereSilk will be involved in, however, will be in presenting as one of only 20 vendors worldwide at the prestigious GBK Pre-Emmy Luxury Lounge event in L.A. on September 15th and 16th.

In our special gift bags to the stars, TexereSilk will offer a choice between 100% pure silk pajamas or a hand-painted silk robe:


Morning Dew or Rose Bouquet


Milaroma or Way of the Dragon

As an added bonus we will gift one of our pure Silk Pillowcases as well.

There's still time to plan your own Luxury Lounge PJ event to binge watch Emmy Award Nominees for prime time! Enjoy the drama -- we'll leave the drama to the professionals, too.

... but we will tell you all about whatever live action we see when we get home!
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