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Green: The Color of Hope, the Color of Peace

Every year, PantoneTM chooses a Color of the Year. This year's winner is "Greenery," and we think they hit it out of the park.

What could be a better antidote to this rocket-paced, high-tech, fast food, fingers on the phone, stressed out culture than the color of nature? What better color of the year than the color that speaks to a global philosophy of "Going Green?"

Just google "Symbolism of Green," and you find thousands of entries, but there is a common thread, a symbolism that crosses the centuries. Green is the color of luck, prosperity, vitality, youth and fertility!  In particular, though, light greens are almost always associated with healing and serenity.

No surprise. Think of how many meditative, healing, and even office spaces are painted green! Light green is said to evoke positive, calming spiritual and emotional states: hope, adventure, health, and renewal. Even science supports our love of the color. Green takes up more space in the spectrum visible to the human eye. It's also the dominant color in the natural world, so it makes sense that humans choose it more often than any other family of colors for the backdrop in interior design. It is also the backdrop for a global philosophy. "Going Green" is tied up with our need to step back from our hi-tech world and into nature more, in a quest for a global serenity and healing. Here in the New England, the need to leave winter cold, grays and darkness behind is another factor. In Connecticut, by April, we're searching for green, longing for it. (In fact, this may be the only time of the year New Englanders long to see lawn!)

Today, that longing for nature's green is compounded by seeing so much of the natural world being ravaged, polluted, torn apart. We want to conserve what is here, replenish it, and live in a way that depletes our resources less.

TexereSilk is right there with you in our own commitment to going green, not only in our use of renewable resources, but also in our commitment to human dignity--in how we do business!

We design and offer apparel that is meant to give you a sense of calm, of being embraced, most suited to that part of us that does want to step back from modern life. Here is just a small collage of products. Still, when all is said and done, perhaps what green evokes, in our journey to conserve and renew the planet, is a sense of peace. What about you? How does green translate into your life, your sense of purpose? We would love to hear from you.
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