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What’s Trending??

Adult coloring books.

adult coloring book photo


We are all kids at heart.

A fun and relaxing way to be creative and use our imagination.

LED lighting in the office or at home.

Conserves energy. Socially responsible.

They are more energy efficient than regular light bulbs, which means saving money in the long run.


Our office has recently switched over!!!!

Green tea.

green tea photo


Healthy body, healthy mind.

Less caffeine and has many uses.

Men’s beard grooming products.


men's beard photo

Men are sporting long facial hair and styling it to show off their personalities.

Now it is time for the men to take an hour to get ready in the morning. They better not take up our designated time in the bathroom.

Niche branded apparel.

Look,   texeresilknewlogo_web  is trending!!!

TexereSilk offers elegant and artistic clothes to our retail customers – thus directly engaging the end user in the international market in appreciating and enjoying the art forms being practiced around the world.

"We are proud of our philosophy and practice as a socially responsible and ethical sourcing company."

WS0603_EDITORIAL_IMG_5246                                IMG_4258_edited                                      IMG_5117_edited

The Desert Flower (robe and gown set)           Monaco( men's robe) and Uomo (men's pj pants)                     The Aviary (women's robe)

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