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Stock Tie

Stock Tie

This style yields itself to making a scarf display its design fully, and thus look very attractive on a woman.[Stock tie, or Stock, is a white tie worn around the neck by a hunter or a horseman/woman for utilitarian reasons. Off the hunting field, the stock tie was a formal tie worn in the 19th century by gentlemen.]


Fold oblong scarf narrowly; or a large square scarf into a bias band fold.

Follow the instructions for Twice Around Ascot Knot (in Basic Knots section), leaving the left end hanging down.

Pull the right end up, so that it comes out of the top. This will set up the knot to be straight.

Now bring the right end straight down in front and wrap it around and through the left end creating a nice square knot with the two ends coming out from the sides.

The knot should be centered and look square.

You can either let the ends hang loosely in front or cross them and secure with an eye-catching pin.