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Gift Services

If your purchase is meant to be a gift, you can rest assured it will arrive beautifully packaged. It will be packed in an elegant gift box that will impress the recipient even before he or she has seen the breathtaking apparel inside.

Our website also provides you the option to send the gift directly to the recipient along with a gift card inscribed with a message on your behalf. Or, you may choose to receive it yourself and then present it to the recipient. Whether or not you include a gift card, your package will be ready for gift presentation.

If you choose to include a gift card with the order, we will handwrite your message on a lovely card, and include it in the package. You may provide us a message of your own, or you may choose a message from the list we make available for special occasions, such as our selection of Romantic Poetry for Valentine`s Day.

All the options are presented in an easy format during the checkout process. Let us deal with the details, while you give a gift that will be cherished and fondly remembered!


Please note, if you choose a message that includes poetry or other quotations, it will be written within quotation marks so that the piece of literature is not wrongly attributed to you.

For example, if a customer named John wants William Shakespeare's poetry written on a gift card to his wife Mary, it may be written in the following manner:

Dearest Mary,

"For nothing this wide universe I call,
Save thou, my rose; in it thou art my all"


While the above presentation does not mention that the poetry is by Shakespeare, it does make it clear that the literature was not created by our customer, but is a citation. (In this case, our advice to John would be to remember that the original poetry he chose was by Shakespeare " just in case Mary asks him!)