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Benefits of Linen

The physical properties of linen make it ideal in the warm spring and summer weather, keeping the wearer feeling cool, comfortable, and confident!

  • 2-3 times stronger and smoother than cotton fabric
  • Weave of linen fibers allows for airflow which keeps clothing away from the skin
  • Anti-cling and anti-static – fabric billows out away from the body to dry out any moisture and become cool again
  • Air permeability allows body to breathe
  • Quickly absorbs and evaporates moisture – acts like a cooling system (Can absorb 1/5 of its weight before feeling damp)
  • Allows heat to escape, improving cooling system
  • Shading properties from sun/heat
  • Those wearing linen feel 3-4 degrees cooler than those in silk or cotton garments and perspire 1.5 times less