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Eternally fashionable, scarves make the most versatile accessory for women. The available variety of fabrics, shapes and sizes make the scarf ideal for all seasons and occasions.

Tying scarves is simpler than it seems, and various attractive scarf tying techniques are rather easy to learn. As a service to our customers, we have designed this step-by-step scarf tying guide, providing the most common and popular styles when wearing a scarf.

TexereSilk's hand painted silk scarves offer the perfect way to add a touch of elegance and charm to your attire  formal or informal. Our hand painted silk scarves also represent and preserve the dwindling art form of hand painting on silk fabric.

We thank you for your interest in our products, and the unique cultural heritage they promote.

  Basic Folds  

Folding a Square Scarf into an Oblong Shape

A lot of scarf tying styles use square scarves, though, in order to tie the square scarf into some highly attractive styles, there is often a need to fold one into an oblong shape as a starting point.

We are presenting three basic ways to fold a square scarf: straight fold (also called oblong fold), triangle fold, and bias band fold. Some other folding variations, such as the accordion fold etc. etc., are also commonly known.

Bias Band Fold   Straight Fold   Triangle Fold  
  Scarf Tying Styles  

Tying scarves is simpler than it seems, and various attractive scarf tying techniques are rather easy to learn. What seems complex on the surface is often really quite simple to execute when the step by step instructions in this book are followed.

We invite you to try these techniques at varied occasions to express your personality and individual style!


Ascot Knot


Twice Around
Ascot Knot



Bandana Wrap



Bow Tie



Buckaroo Knot



Butterfly Wrap



Casual swing



Crown Wrap



Elegant Twist



European Loop



Fake Knot



French Twist






Head Wrap



Hollywood Knot



Kelly Wrap



Knotted Belt



Light Queen



Men's Tie Knot



Neck Wrap



Neck Wrap



Neck Wrap



Neck Wrap



Modified Asscot
Neck Wrap



Neck Wrap


  Pleated Head






Rose Knot



Rosette Turban



Shoulder Wrap



Slip Knot



Square Knot



Stock Tie



Stylish Knot



Tying Head






Waist Sash



Azam Saeed